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Label Collection
Description A collection is an entity that provides a structure to some constituents, which are themselves entities. These constituents are said to be member of the collections (
SubClassOf (1) prov:Entity

PropertyDescriptionExpected TypeCardinality (min,max)
Properties from shape CollectionShape
schema:size Collection size. The collection can be empty with size 0. integer (None---1)
Properties from shape EntityShape
invalidation Invalidation. Invalidation --
distribution A dataset in downloadable form. The downloadable form has a specific format and is located at a specific location. DataDownload --
sameAs URI of an entity sharing the same identity. IRI --
dateCreated Date at which this entity was created. dateTime (None---1)
license A Link towards the dataset license. License --
name The entity name. string (1---1)
image A reference to an entity representing an image that can be used as preview. IRI --
generation Generation. Generation --
contribution Information about the contribution of an agent during the generation of this dataset. Contribution --
language The dataset language. -- (None---1)
keywords Keywords describing the entity. string --
wasRevisionOf The entity for which this entity is a revision of. An entity revision is a specific type of derivation. IRI (None---1)
wasAttributedTo The agent to which this entity was attributed to. IRI --
url A landing page describing the entity. IRI --
description The entity description string (None---1)
wasDerivedFrom The entity from which this entity was derived from. IRI --
derivation A derivation is a transformation of an entity into another, an update of an entity resulting in a new one, or the construction of a new entity based on a pre-existing entity. Derivation --
dateModified The date of the last update of this entity. -- (None---1)
identifier Identifier -- --
citation A citation or reference to another creative work, such as another publication, web page, scholarly article, etc. -- --

@prefix : <> .
@prefix commonshapes: <> .
@prefix context: <> .
@prefix datashapes: <> .
@prefix dc: <> .
@prefix dcterms: <> .
@prefix ns1: <> .
@prefix ns2: <> .
@prefix nsg: <> .
@prefix nsg1: <> .
@prefix nxv: <> .
@prefix owl: <> .
@prefix prov: <> .
@prefix provcommonshapes: <> .
@prefix provdatashapes: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix schema: <> .
@prefix sh: <> .
@prefix skos: <> .
@prefix vann: <> .
@prefix void: <> .
@prefix xml: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .

datashapes:collection a ns1:Schema ;
    owl:imports commonshapes:collection ;
    prov:wasDerivedFrom "" ;
    ns1:shapes <> .
  "@context": "",
  "@id": "nsg:dash/collection",
  "@type": "nxv:Schema",
  "imports": [
  "prov:wasDerivedFrom": "",
  "shapes": [

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